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Author Branding ≠ Book Branding

This is what I want to talk about today. You have been working on your book and thus, focused on how to brand your book. Many authors do. I know quite a few who still have their book’s title as their Twitter name (‘handle’) and the same for the website name. But think about this — you now are an author and are you positive your debut is the last book you’ll ever write?

Author Branding… How To

“A professional headshot in front of a bookshelf says you’re an intellectual. A professional headshot peeking through a bookshelf says you’re probably under a restraining order.” ― Ryan Lilly, business professional


  • Have a funny Twitter name — you want people to take you — the author — your books, serious so start playing your part! In fact, don’t have a funny name at all! I recently came across an email address like this, “” — yes, that is perfect to show your audience that you take yourself, your books. and your following seriously!
  • Make it a puzzle for readers to find you on Social Media by creating perhaps exquisite but totally incomprehensible Twitter/FB Page names;
  • Use your book’s title for your Twitter handle and/or FB page;
  • Neglect your Amazon Author page — often the first impression new readers have of you as an author whilst discovering new authors;
  • Only interact on social media when promoting your book(s) — not making any effort to create imaginative content


  • Have a fitting email address, website name and Twitter handle — if you are, for instance, Agatha Christie, your Twitter handle could be: @AgathaChristie or @AChristieAuthor — in her case, being @AgathaMallowan would not be an option as it is not recognisable enough to readers;
  • Be recognisable throughout ALL your social media channels — make sure the images you present yourself and your books with, the header for Twitter, your FB Author Page, Instagram, all have the same feeling, the same appeal. Whether I would visit your Facebook Author Page or your Twitter account, I would be able to instantly ‘see’ it is you;
  • Define who you are in your bio and/or author profile (and make sure you update the profile if needed — I have read quite a few in the past days saying, ‘working on book 2 in the series’ where book 4 is due for release (book 2 and 4 are examples, not related to specific authors or series).
  • Be concise, to the point and… a little bit of humour is always appealing;
  • Make sure you add links to your social media platforms and your books so people can easily find you and your books.
  • Create your unique tagline.


  • Your brand is your reputation — how do you want to be perceived? — make sure your (created) identity represents you;
  • You leave a mark with your books whether or not intentional;
  • So you might as well MAKE it just the way you want;
  • To engage with your readership — to connect with your readers;
  • Your brand represents you — and your books. Everywhere.

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