Fiona’s Guardians — Dan Klefstad

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Dan Klefstad’s ‘Fiona’s Guardians’ contain dark, deviously twisted characters, not your everyday events, and are written in an engaging and humorous writing style — I love it!

Fiona’s Guardians

But the job comes with a warning. One the applicant better take seriously.! One that tells him not only will he get his hands dirty, he will also have to devote “every day of your prime years to one employer who demands utter secrecy and loyalty.” He must not stare at his employer nor call her.. a vampire. She and her family are ‘Strigoi.’ Never forget this!

What happens when ‘Wolf’ for that will be his name henceforth, is employed by Fiona will shock you. Perhaps not. After all, you know what vampires are like, don’t you? Then again, you’ve never met the gorgeous Fiona…

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