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Caroline Vincent
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I love first-time authors.

Yes, their manuscripts are mostly wordy, contain point-of-view issues, and tend to take the reader by the hand in over-explaining emotions, actions, and situations.

But their enthusiasm and eagerness, their courage to open themselves up to me, the first one to see their finished manuscript, is wonderful.

I cherish this special bond between writer and editor.

When having a new client, I always suggest an initial Skype/Zoom call to get to know each other. A writer’s work is precious and close to who they are. It’s part of them, some call the books they have written their ‘babies’ and I get that.

Writing is an art. An art that I am privileged to witness and to fine-tune to turn a well-written manuscript into an even better book.

It also means that getting to know your client, and for the writer to get to know their editor, is crucial. Mutual understanding leads to better cooperation and eventually, to the best book that the author can produce at that time. It helps writers to get a grip on a daunting process: editing. My reds are not there to point out mistakes but to improve the story and manuscript as a whole.

Building a relationship with a client is showing and sharing my passion for words and writing, and why I love my job — why I respect writers’ creativity, imagination, and ability to put together intricate plots and give readers characters to empathise with.

Building a relationship is about trust, reciprocating openness, creating a connection. After a Zoom call with a recent client (she’s coming back for books 2 and 3 in her trilogy), she emailed me, “Your heart and care for me and my story touched me deeply.” That. I love it.

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